Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Hey Dany....

I TOLD you I loved Donny more than YOU did! I've got him on my blog!!!!

And obviously he must ADORE me to appear live and in concert here at Graceland.

Love you...really!



Dany said...

Queen Elysa - I graciously concede.
You WIN!!!!! I LOVE it!!!! Can you hear me laughing - I think my waterproof mascara is running!

Thanks for giving me a great start start the day.... Love U!!! Dany :):)

Elysa said...

Thank you for so graciously awarding this exalted title upon me. But as majesty, I hearby pronounce you my crown princess.

And waterproof mascara? Yet ANOTHER thing we have in common. This uncanny love of the same things is scary!!!!

Stephanie said...

I am frightened! Someone hold me...please

Elysa said...

Okay, Stephanie...confession time...who used to make YOU want to swoon? ;)

Stephanie said...

Don Johnson! *drool*

Never was a swooner during my early years.

Elysa said...

Don Johnson, huh? So did you sport a white jacket like he did? I had one...wore it while I was in Africa, even. I THINK my mom sent it to me one year for Christmas but I can't be totally sure on that.

What a stylin' missionary I was in my white jacket and big hair!