Monday, May 07, 2012


Lots of things going on that really need praying about. Would you join with us as we pray for these matters?

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*We are getting more involved with the ministry and community at WE WILL GO but we can't really do much more til we live there. Please pray that our house will sell so we can move there this summer.

*We're not the only family moving to WE WILL GO. There are two other families answering the call to serve in down-town Jackson. One family needs their home to sell, like we do, and the other family needs to be released from their lease. Prayers for these families would be so appreciated.

*David and Amy Lancaster are the founders of WE WILL GO. A couple of weeks ago, David's dad died. This is really a hard season for them as they deal with his passing plus take care of ministry responsibilities plus take care of extended family responsibilities. Please pray for them to have true rest, peace, and comfort during this time.

*Please keep praying for Di Hampson in Swaziland, her family, and all those who love Mike and are still mourning and feeling his loss. Di is the director of Moriah Centre and the new school term starts tomorrow. Just pray for all involved during this hard time.

*Mitch Hildebrandt, Children's Cup missionary in Swaziland, still needs full healing from his surgery that took place a couple of months ago. Pray for his recovery but pray that God will use him and Char in amazing ways during his extended hospitalization and as they interact with the staff.

*My friend --- and one of my favorite authors --- Claudia Mair Burney has a son who is a miracle but still needs prayer. Last week, he fell about 30 feet. He broke every bone in his body, fractured his skull, and had many other broken bones and injuries. Praise God, he not only survived, but after surgery and other care, he actually can sit up and stand some now. Pray that he is totally healed but also pray for his family members. They need strength and provision during this time of healing.

*Anna's team leaves for Tanzania, Uganda, and Kenya in less than a month. Anna is just a couple of hundred dollars away from receiving all she needs for her trip but several of her team members still need much larger sums. Pray that they'll receive the provision they need and pray that God will start moving in their hearts to unify them even before they meet.

*The Sims family is saying YES to God and heading to Mozambique to train before going out and serving in Brazil and beyond. They are having a huge rummage sale this Saturday as they are selling almost everything they own. They are also selling their home. Pray that it goes thru as it needs to and pray for them to trust as God makes everything happen that needs to happen. Pray also for their three children as all this transpires. Pray God is going to do absolutely amazing things in their young lives.

Thank you friends.  Without prayer, we cannot stand.  We cannot move forward.  We cannot accomplish what God is calling all of us to do.

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