Friday, May 18, 2012


It is very rare that I miss a day of blogging. I think the housefire was the last time I missed a day. But I was kinda busy yesterday. Busy having fun!

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For Mothers Day, Anna and Betsie bought me a ticket to see Switchfoot and Rocket Summer in concert down in New Orleans. We roadtripped with long-time friends Shannon and Megan making a day of it with apartment checking-out for Anna, muffalettas for all of us, and a quick visit to Anna's college, Holy Cross.

We were some of the first ones to show up at Tipitina's Uptown for the concert which meant though we had a bit of a wait (during which time we were able to walk around the neighborhood some just like the band and their entourage was doing) and stand in line, it was totally worth it.

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We were right at the very front so within just a long arm's reach of the stage.

P5170356 Rocket Summer

The concerts that both bands put on were great. What musicians they all are.

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And afterward, the band guys were as nice as could be. We stayed for an hour afterwards chatting with them, sharing prayer requests, and taking pictures. We spent a lot of time talking to one of the guitarists from Rocket Summer. Justin used to play for Kari Jobe and we enjoyed his story of how God had gotten him to the place that he now is with his career and life.

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All in all, a wonderful night full of dancing, worship, laughter, and just the kind of rich living that God blesses His children with.

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Shannon and I both were very grateful for having the chance to spend this special time with our girls before they spread their wings and leave the nest for college and beyond.

Girls, we're so glad that we don't have to "dare you to move". It is so good for our mama hearts to see you already moving and changing this world for Him!

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