Wednesday, May 09, 2012


Who knows why some days are harder than others.

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In fact, some days nothing goes wrong yet it feels like I just need to escape to a Thai resort or hire on a full-time nanny/governess/secretary/housekeeper.

So is one of those kind of days.

A day when long before it is the one hour of afternoon quiet time. I am sp ready for it to be quiet time.

Is it possible that after all these years of having poor hearing due to multiple ear infections, drum ruptures, tubes, and surgery, that I'm regaining my hearing?

Either that or my kids have learned a whole new way to really project their voices.

On days like today, I find myself praying, and eating a square of dark chocolate, and reading my Bible behind closed doors, and eating another square of dark chocolate, and watching funny Anjelah Johnson/Bon Qui Qui videos, and dodging my son's question about what's for supper, and watching yet another Anjelah Johnson video, and finally succumbing to a third piece of dark chocolate.

Yeah, I could be tackling some project that needs to be done to get our house ready to sell and get us ready to move. I could be sorting thru those huge piles of books, getting rid of the other pile comprised of clothes on our bedroom chair, or even getting stuff ready to go to the consignment shop. After all, those accomplished tasks would probably take some of the stress off of me that I'm feeling.


Some more hmmm...

And even more hmmmmm....


I think I'll just watch one more Anjelah Johnson video and then aimlessly wander around the house for a while til I feel so guilty I finally do something productive.

Yep, that's how we Super Moms deal with days like today.

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