Saturday, May 19, 2012


When my teenagers and their friends were little, their milestones were marked by their first smiles, steps, and words. Now, their milestones are marked by graduations, weddings, and even babies of their own.

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Last night, we attended the celebration supper and graduation for our oldest niece.

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Emily, who is just a few weeks older than Anna, graduated from Petal High School and is making plans to attend my and her mother's alma mater, Mississippi University for Women, where she will major in culinary arts.

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Her parents were so proud to watch their first baby graduate wearing an Honor Society stole knowing that she'll soon be attending college on scholarships based on her academic achievements and strength of character.

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Then today, we attended the wedding reception for one of Betsie and Anna's best buddies from their growing up years, Mason Mangum. They first met through our homeschool group, in fact, one year Mason and Anna were "Mister and Miss Florence-Richland Homeschoolers". Now Mason is a college student, married to Cassie Jeffcoat (who is the big sister of Betsie's best friend Candace), and building a new life with his beautiful bride.

Next weekend, Anna will be graduating from high school, leaving for Africa a few days later, and then starting her own college years at Holy Cross in New Orleans.

In my mind I still see them bursting balloons at birthday parties and cutting up at homeschool group outings. It sounds so cliche, but how did they ever grow up this quickly?

Everyone told me that one day it would happen. I had many other older moms tell me that the time would fly by, and they were right. They are hitting these milestones faster and faster and this mama is thinking that waterproof mascara is going to become my new best friend.


Renee said...

Will she be living in Grossnickle? If so, Madeleine will be her CA :)

Lydia said...

When you were at graduation, you were literally one mile from me. :)

Elysa said...

Renee: No, she's not in honor's college so she'll be on back campus. But I'd love for them to meet though they may have already met during Hearin weekend.

Lydia: Could you hear the air horns going off?