Wednesday, May 02, 2012


Most days, we really love homeschooling. Some days, we love it even more than usual. Today was one of those days.

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Five-in-a-Row is a literature-based curriculum that uses lots of hands-on activities --- such as crafts, songs, field trips, and experiments --- to teach kids the subjects that a lot of other homeschool curricula would turn into worksheet pages or text books.

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This week, we are "rowing" THE BEE TREE by Patricia Polacco. As part of the unit study, we are learning about honey and that includes cooking with this sticky, sweet substance. Since the word "sweet" is involved, you know the kids are going to love it --- even the ones who are now teenagers and no longer doing the FIAR lessons. That is also one of the fun things about FIAR, often times the rest of the family benefits from the lessons or the activities involved such as today when we made Honey Rice Crispy Treats or other times when we've baked cranberry bread, visited a museum, or watched a related movie.
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We've been rowing with Five-in-a-Row since Anna was three years old and I love the fact that it gives my children a fabulous academic foundation --- after all, Anna just won a full-paid academic scholarship to the college of her choice --- while at the same time, helping us make some very special and sweet family memories.

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