Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Look at what a cutie pie! This is Anna about 17 years ago at my Grandma McElhaney's house in Cantonment, Florida.

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I came across this photo and scores of others just as cute while looking through old photos today. My mom has made wonderful photo albums and has passed them down to us now that she's living with my brother. These are a great resource as Betsie and I look for images to use in the video we are making in honor of Anna's upcoming graduation from high school.

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From the very beginning, Anna had an amazing personality.  She was a leader from an early age on and her zest for life made her a fun little girl.

She was the first grandchild on my side of the family so that meant she was often the center of attention.  My brother Edward lived with us during her baby years so she got lots of extra cuddles and playtime from him.

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We put her on a horse for the first time when she was still a baby and she was hooked.  After that, she loved anything she could ride on and pretend it was a horse, whether that was her daddy's back or a reindeer.

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When Anna was born, my dream came true of becoming a mommy.  She brought so much joy into my life and continues to this day.  Can't believe my "little Sunshine girl" is graduating this weekend.  I love the woman she is becoming, but some days, I still miss that laughing little baby.  I guess that's why grandchildren are so loved.

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