Thursday, December 29, 2011


...we'll be en route to Paris, France, for a 12 hour layover before re-boarding and flying to South Africa. Upon arrival, we'll rent a van and drive to Swaziland.

PA010683 Re-sized

When Jim and I returned from Swaziland last fall, we knew we wanted to take the kids to visit before we moved there, but even up til this fall, that trip seemed so far away. We even thought we wouldn't be going til next year sometime. And then God had other plans and everything upgraded to warp speed and here we are --- starting to pack for Swaziland.

I'm going to be working on a list of areas to pray about while we are gone. In the meantime, will you please pray for us as we make final plans for our itinerary, gather items that have been requested by the missionaries and Swazis, and as we do all those last minute things that have to be taken care of before we depart?

Thanks and hope you are all having a wonderful week between Christmas and the New Year.

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