Monday, December 26, 2011


For teachers, one of the best gifts they can ever receive is to know that their students are learning and implementing the lessons they are being taught. As a Sunday School teacher, knowing that the Biblical truths and missions lessons that are being taught at church are staying with the children, is an amazing gift.

I received such a gift this Christmas Day.

While at church for the time of communion, another mom stopped me. She shared that her six year old daughter is only allowed one piece of gum on Wednesdays and one piece of gum on Sundays. She looks forward to those days and wakes up excited, knowing that she gets gum on those special days.

For Christmas, she received two packs of Orbit gum in her stocking and, according to her mother, it seemed like the best present ever. She then asked her mother if she could "give Mrs. Elysa one pack to take to Africa" to give to the children there.

P9231056 Children at Bheveni resized

Believe me, that child's expression of love brought bright tears to my eyes and true Christmas joy to my spirit.

By the way, I have to add that this child isn't just learning these lessons at church, she's seeing them lived out in the lives of her parents every day. I'm just glad that God has honored me with being a small part of her spiritual journey.

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