Monday, December 05, 2011


Wanted to give y'all some updates regarding Swaziland and our upcoming trip:

Van Rental Numbers Covered Resized

*A family friend who has known me since I was a baby just sent word that they are sponsoring a day of African van rental for us. Y'all, this trip is happenin'!

*And it is happening soon! We leave in just 5.5 weeks! Woo-Hoo!!!

*The kids helped me pull out all our luggage and backpacks this afternoon to inventory what we have and what we still need. We are going to have to come up with 7 or 8 more suitcases and 5 more rolling carry-on ones. Each of us are taking the maximum allowed so that we can take plenty of things over for the Swazi kids and missionaries. We are hoping that each of us will have one suitcase filled with nothing but school supplies for big kids, pjs for little ones, used clothes to give away, gifts for missionary families, etc. Each of us will also carry a backpack or purse with our things we'll need during the trip over along with a carry-on containing a spare outfit or two and toiletries in case our luggage doesn't make it to Africa as quickly as we do. If anyone locally has any luggage they no longer need and would like to donate to the cause, just let me know! It doesn't matter if it is pretty or not. If it will carry stuff without falling apart between here and Swaziland, then we can use it!

*Please keep praying for us as we plan our itinerary (I'm getting good at spelling this word). We're looking at different ministry options such as doing some mural painting at one or more of the carepoints, the kids performing some fun Jesus songs at various venues, and maybe even visiting hospitals...especially children's wards. Just pray that God will be in the planning and whether it be a "ministry" activity or a "touristy" activity, that it will all be used by Him for our good and His glory. I really want my kids to get a heart for Swaziland and sense His call in a strong way. He first spoke to me about becoming a missionary when I was around 9 years old and he used me even earlier than that to share about Him with my friends. So I know He can move in the lives of my children. None of us are ever too young or, for that matter, too old to be walk with Him and serve others in amazing ways for Him.

*I also wanted to say thanks to those who prayed about Thanduxolo. As I shared in yesterday's blog post, he had surgery today. Amy McAdams, missionary to Swaziland, posted the update that "Thanduxolo was back in his room by about 4:30 this afternoon [Swazi time]. He had been picked up at 8:00 a.m., so it was a long day of waiting. When I left the hospital he was still pretty out of it but [the] nurse said surgery went as planned." Please keep praying for the little guy as he recovers.

*If you are on fb, we have a group that I update with news, prayer requests, and photos related to our trip. Just search for "Jim and Elysa's Swaziland Adventure" and you should find it with no problems. Send me a member request and I'll be glad to add you!

*We are still collecting items to take over to Swaziland. Among the items still needed include loose leaf notebook paper, pencils, and pajamas for kids 8 years and younger. Also, paint brushes (all sizes) and paint for the murals that Betsie and I are going to be hopefully painting.

*It is looking like we might be staying in a rondavel (round hut) up in the mountains for the last few days in Swaziland. I lived in the mountains when I was a missionary there in the 80's and know personally of the incredible beauty. I am looking to introducing my family to that part of my favorite nation.

Swaziland Elysa with little girls at Fikile's framed

*And by the way, did I mention that we leave in 5.5 weeks?!? Excited does not even begin to describe the way I feel.

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