Friday, December 02, 2011


Today was our annual homeschool Christmas party. And as is our tradition, not only did we have yummy food and lots of laughs, we also had lots of love. Instead of exchanging gifts or doing some version of the "Naughty Santa" game, we filled scores of stockings that the Salvation Army will distribute to kids through out our metro area and some of us even worked on crocheting squares that will be made into blankets for those in need.

PC020343 Framed

As I shared with the kids today the importance of what Jesus did when He lived, died, and then rose again for us, I also reminded them that when we call ourselves Christians, we are calling ourselves "Little Christs". We are saying that we will live as Jesus did. And that means we live a life of giving. We live a life of loving people with what we do. And every time we do it for someone in need, we're doing it for our Lord.


Leslie said...

This looks like a sweet day! Reminds me of what we did yesterday with our homeschool group! Gathered to make gifts for the needy and shared a potluck meal together too. Loved seeing your pictures.


Elysa said...

I love that, Leslie! And thanks. :)

TechFreakMom said...

You did such an amazing job with this, Sam and I were very proud to be a part of it. You are a true leader and such an inspiration to all.
Thank you!

Elysa said...

Thank YOU, Samantha, for your sweet words and participation. A group's not a group without, well, a group! ;D