Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Blessings are just pouring out on behalf of our fast approaching trip to Africa.

P9241482 Resize of Phiwe and Ball

*A package arrived full of yoyo toys to take to some of the kids in Swaziland.

*Another package arrived full of children's clothes.

*Two of my MUW friends (including one of my Troubadour littls sisters) brought me books yesterday.

*One of those same MUW friends brought clothes for my kids as well as clothes for Swaziland and some various other items to take including construction paper for the preschoolers.

*A homeschool mom has given me books and clothes, including several skirts.

*Two people I only know thru facebook sent us money simply because they love God and the children of Africa.

*Two friends from church have conspired together to get me tons of PEOPLE magazine back issues for Inge Donaldson, the missionary we'll be staying with in Manzini. One of these friends also bought Twizzlers for Inge's husband Dudley.

*Three college friends plus a relative have promised us some luggage they no longer need.

*One more day of our Swaziland trip van rental is paid for thanks to an MUW/Troubadour Social Club sister.

And this is all within the last couple of weeks, but mostly in just the last few days.

We are so fabulously blessed, and considering they did all this during the busy Christmas season is doubly appreciated.


P.S. If you are interested in seeing items that are still needed, go to yesterday's blog post:

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