Tuesday, December 06, 2011


More news today from Swaziland about little Thanduxolo who just had surgery earlier this week. Amy McAdams, Adventures in Missions staffer, asks us to continue to pray for him. She says, "he just looks so sick and frail. Not sure how he is really doing medically, it's hard to tell."

She also shared a new prayer request:

"[Please] pray for Mukelo, a 17 month old who was abandoned by her mother. She is pretty severely disabled (maybe Cerebral Palsy) and there is really no one to take her or help her."

So many little ones in places like Swaziland are in similar situations. Please, please, please pray for them, pray for the missionaries and Swazi Christians who are working so hard on their behalf, and please pray about what role God might want you to play in the lives of children like these. Maybe it is to become a sponsor through an organization such as Children's HopeChest. Maybe it is to give up one meal a week and donate that money to a ministry that feeds children such as A Child's Hope International. Or maybe, just maybe, God wants you to actually go to a place such as Swaziland and spend time taking care of children such as Thanduloxo or Mukelo.

If you have any questions about getting more involved with the lives of the children or Swaziland, I'd be glad to answer any questions you might have and pray with you about God's direction.

P9231224 Elysa with Nkhosingphile

I can tell you that my heart has been broken many times because of the love that God has given me for Swaziland, but I can also tell you that the pain is worth it to know that God is using my one little life to bring joy and provision to the lives of some of His precious ones.

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Leslie said...

I love your heart friend! I have been praying for years about our role with orphans too. So far, it hasn't been what I desire ... yet ... I am still praying though and doing what I can.