Monday, December 19, 2011


A lot of people have asked us about our upcoming trip. Folks have asked what is the purpose and what we'll be doing, so I thought I'd share a little more with y'all today.

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First of all, the purpose is two-fold. We hope to bring the love, joy, encouragement, and provision of Jesus to many while we're there as well as introduce our five younger kids to their future home. Our oldest girls have both been there before. They will go with us to minister and be a part of our family, but the getting-to-know-Swaziland aspects are primarily for those who will still be living with us when we move there in two years. Moving to another country can be pretty stressful and hard on missionary kids. We want to do all that we can to ease that transition.

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While we are there, we are making plans to do some things that will help our kids see what every day life will be like for them such as going to grocery stores, visiting in the homes of families (including missionaries whose lifestyle will be much like ours), going to a couple of different Swazi churches, exploring the town we are praying about moving to, and meeting lots of kids their ages who can tell them about life in Swaziland. I will have the blessing of introducing my family to some of my Swazi friends from when I lived there in the 80's, as well.

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We will also do some fun things to introduce them to the traditional Swazi culture and geography of the nation more in depth such as going on a safari, taking a canopy tour (think lots of zip-lines), hiking to caves with ancient bushmen paintings, swimming in waterfall pools, shopping at craft markets, staying in a rondavel (round hut), visiting Swazis living in traditional homesteads, and going to various artisans' shops.

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And we're really excited about the ministry activities we have planned so far. We will be attending a traditional Zionist church service the first Sunday we are there where the whole family will sing a couple of songs, one that David will accompany us on the guitar while we sing in English, another as we sing in siSwati and dance to Siya Hamba ("We are Walking"). This will be at a special youth service. We are also hoping to sing and dance at at least one or more hospitals and an orphanage or two. We will spend one or two days at Bheveni carepoint giving gifts to the children, singing songs, perhaps telling stories, playing games, and doing whatever else they want us to do. We pray we'll get to see both of our sponsored girls then. At Big Bend, we'll be staying at the Moriah Centre for several days where we'll also just do whatever else they need us to do. And other than that, we'll just wait and see what ever else God has planned for us.

For truly, whether we are doing an official ministry activity or just doing something "regular" like eating at a restaurant or looking around the crafts market, we want to be a blessing to those God sends our way. We want the folks who come into contact with us to feel the love of Jesus and be drawn closer to Him. And if that happens, then we'll have made the most of this amazing, amazing opportunity. We will have turned all those "regular" things will really be "eternal" things.

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Please keep us in your prayers as we prepare to leave over the next few weeks and thank you so much for all of you who have supported us in various ways as we walk out this path that God has put before us.

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so exciting, guys! praying that you all will be conduits of the love of God to everyone you meet. ♥ keep us posted!