Thursday, December 01, 2011


Christmas is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas. --- Dale Evans

Swazi kids eating Cmeal framed Jenifer Peterson re-sized

As I read this quote today, I was reminded of the times today and over the past couple of weeks that I've seen the love of Jesus put into action ---

*Photos taken of children in Swaziland opening gifts and eating special holiday food paid for by sponsors and others here in America

*A bus ticket bought by a stranger for a young single mom so she could leave the big city and return to her family

*Crocheters being recruited by a young mother of four, and one more on the way, to make blankets for folks in need of some warmth.

*Siblings spending large chunks of their own money, given to them by a grandparent, to buy an extra, special, big, birthday gift for a brother.

*A former suburban mom, who now lives in an impoverished part of our city, spending part of her busy day in taking an older man to a much needed doctor's appointment and a disabled lady to get her prescriptions filled.

*Sorority sisters donating bags and bags and bags of clothes and blankets for an inner-city ministry so that folks who are cold can warm up with coats, scarves, and needed bedding.

*A beautiful teenage girl, her handsome brother, and their younger siblings working in a food ministry and handing out bags of canned goods to those who are hungry and just need to know someone cares.

*My husband, braving the payday, after-work crowds at the grocery store to buy food for his family so I can be at home with the kids.

Today is the first day of December, the month we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Let's commit to making this Christmas season one filled with love.

Swaziland serving food by Petersons Resized

Love that can be seen, just like the love shown to us through the life of Jesus.

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