Saturday, December 10, 2011


...we'll have landed in Johannesburg, rented the biggest van they have to offer, and driven the 5 or 6 hours to Manzini, Swaziland, where we'll be staying the first few nights of our two weeks with Inge and Dudley Donaldson.

This trip will be exactly four years after God took Anna, Betsie, and me to Swaziland. During that trip, he stirred up my love for Swaziland, showed me that I was "home", and put in Anna and Betsie both a desire to serve him thru missions.

This is a photo of Betsie at the Manzini market:

Swaziland 2008 Betsie at Market Re-Sized

And here I am with the same lady during last year's trip:

P9290341 Market in Manzini Re-Sized

This photo was taken of Anna when we visited the Timbutini church during our 2008 Children's HopeChest Vision Trip:

Anna at Timbutini Church Re-sized

It is amazing how much we Mac girls have changed in just 4 years. But it isn't just our physical appearance that has changed. Our hearts are different. All three of us are more passionate about God and more committed to loving His orphans, widows, and others who are oppressed and impoverished and alone.

Anna and Betsie are both really looking forward to the trip this January. They are thankful for what God started in them on the first trip to Swaziland and are eager to put into practice this time around all the things that God has been showing them and teaching them since.

What an amazing adventure this is going to be!

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Akum said...

Good changes! I like your work and your blog.