Thursday, December 22, 2011


Whew! What a day. Jim woke me up while it was still dark this morning so we could get the kids up and out the door for a day trip to his folks' house up in the northern part of the State.

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There, along with his sister's family, we all ate amazing food, played games, took a very short and very cold walk to see the nearby farm animals, ate more amazing food, exchanged gifts, laughed a lot, and shared what God was doing in our lives including dreams that many of us share for living and serving in Africa and other places in the world. Yes, Jim and I aren't the only ones in this family who feel the pull toward full-time missions.

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After several hours, we piled back in the car, drove home looking for seasonal lights along the way, and arrived back here tired but content.

Tonight we should all sleep really well with our happy bellies and contented spirits. I'll be going to sleep hoping that I can sleep in a bit extra before waking up to cook a big ole Southern-style breakfast in honor of my husband. It is his first day off for the holidays and he deserves to be pampered a bit extra.

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Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve Eve tomorrow!

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