Friday, May 31, 2013


I wish I could post photos tonight. It truly is one of those occasions when a picture or two or three would paint a thousand words. I can't stay up late posting as we have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow but I wanted to check in and give a few basic details.

*Breakfast was yummy! Eggs, Canadian-style bacon, toast, avocado, oranges, and fresh squeezed orange juice. The produce was straight from the Donaldsons' yard.

*We spent the day at Bheveni carepoint. Loved on so many beautiful kids and their care providers. Got to see both of our sponsored girls and visit the teacher's new home. Rhonda was brave and tried mealie meal porridge. We laughed and held babies and sang songs and took a million photos and some videos, too.

*My driving has vastly improved. I only turned the wipers on instead of the turn signal a couple of times today instead of about a billion yesterday. I also did not almost kill us on mountain roads.

*We ate supper at a new place (in the old Rustic Tavern location for you Swaziphiles) tonight. Rhonda, who grew up on fish and chips as a native New Englander, had their fish and chips offering and gave it high ratings. Anna and Betsie had the same. I had curry. Yum!

*After supper, Betsie helped Inge, our hostess, prepare lessons for tomorrow's Zion Bible College class. Rhonda and I walked laps around and around the yard talking about our faith journey. We had to fly all the way over to Africa to get this kind of uninterrupted talking time in.

All in all, I end my day feeling overwhelmed by the goodness of God. He has given me so many precious gifts today. I go to bed feeling so very loved and blessed.

Tomorrow will be another full day and I look forward with anticipation to all the Father has planned for us as we visit a nearby rural community, go to the market, and meet friends for supper at Nando's. Please keep praying, yes, for safety, but even more than that, for us to continue to see God's presence and guidance in what we are hearing, seeing, and doing. we know He is here. We know He is speaking. We just want the eyes and ears to see and hear all He wants for us.

Good night from Africa...or as the Swazis would say, lala kahle (sleep well)!

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