Sunday, May 12, 2013


I feel very blessed, even downright spoiled, this Mothers Day. Jim took me shopping Friday night and bought me a new camera to replace my old, broken one.

Be jealous IPhone, be very jealous.  I have a new camera in my life and I am in love. #mynewcamera #iloveblue #kiss #cameralove #fujifilm #mothersdaygift

Then Sunday morning, the Mothers Day gifting and loving continued.   At breakfast, the kids each gave me a small gift of their making or choosing.  The three youngest gave me hand-drawn cards.  Two of them gave me some coins.  Patrick gave me chocolate.  David gave me a Rachael Ray magazine.  Betsie made me lots of yummy food.

Betsie fixed me a lovely breakfast with a Pioneer Woman quiche as the centerpiece then each of the kids had a small gift for me. Betsie's gift is all the cooking for the day.  David gave me a Rachael Ray magazine, Patrick gave me dark chocolate, each of t

The breakfast consisted of a Pioneer woman quiche, strawberries, and Little Debbie Swiss Rolls.  Lunch was another Pioneer Woman recipe, this time "Fancy Macaroni and Cheese" along with some fabulous jalepeno cornbread muffins.

Mothers Day lunch made by Betsie with some sibling assistance ---  Pioneer Woman macaroni and 5 cheese plus jalepeno cornbread muffins.  These are the best muffins ever.  Betsie got the recipe from orphan advocate Ericka Jackson. #mothersday #yum #macaron

A highlight of the morning was a FaceTime chat with Anna.  This is the first time she's not been home on Mother's Day.  I'm grateful that technology at least lets us spend some virtual time together as is the new norm for our life now that she's all grown up and living in New Orleans and we'll soon be living in Swaziland.

My Mothers Day time with Anna.  The new normal.

At church, the younger kids made cute Mothers Day cards. I'm always thankful for Sunday School teachers who make the effort to arrange these sorts of activities. It really does mean a lot to us sentimental types.

Love my Mothers Day card Merry made for me at church.  Love my Merry made for me by God even more. #mothersday #merry #mothersdaycard #ilovethisgirl #childrenareagiftfromthelord

After the delicious lunch that Betsie prepared with some help from her siblings, it was on to the pavilion for We Will Go worship. At the end, roses were given out to all the moms, prayers were given for those mamas who needed praying for, phones were made available for neighbors to call their mamas or the other important women in their lives, and leftover roses were sent home with neighbor men for their mothers and other caregivers. When the fellowship was over, we had team time. I was happily surprised to find a cute Mothers Day card, chocolate, and a rose waiting for me from a fellow missionary. Ashley had cards with sweet notes waiting for all the team moms. It was the perfect final garnish on my Mothers Day blessing.

Found this surprise waiting for me at the WWG team meeting last night.  Thank you, Ashley! #mothersday #gifts #mothersdaycard #lifeatwewillgo #chocolate #rose #blessed

Though I know that everyone's Mothers Day looks differently, I hope that if you're a mom, you knew that you are loved and valued. You might not get all the credit and reward in the hear and now that you deserve, but the Lord sees and loves and values you. After all, Father God trusted His only son, Jesus, to a mother.

And God doesn't just want to use "pefect" mamas in big ways.  After all, look at the women listed in the geneology of Jesus.  All the ones listed had major flaws.  Adultery, prostitution, and idol worship are just some of the not-so-perfect aspects of his maternal roots, but yet they were used in amazing ways for God's purposes.  If God can use Bathsheba and Tamar and Ruth, then God can use even me and even you.

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