Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Sometimes showing love to someone is complicated. Sometimes showing love to someone requires a lot of planning and work and effort. It takes a lot of preparation, for instance, to go on a mission trip to another country. It takes hours of projecting and fund raising to start a community food ministry or organize an after-school tutoring program. Sometimes showing love calls for hard sacrifices and much dying to self.

But sometimes? Sometimes love is easy. And simple. Sometimes love is as uncomplicated as an impromptu photo shoot with a teenager, leaving an extra big tip and a kind word with a harried waitress, or buying dark chocolate for a friend.

And you know what? Sometimes those simple, easy, uncomplicated acts of love are just as important and powerful as those complicated, hard, intense ones.

Love is good that way.

GOD is good that way.

Now get out there and love!

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