Monday, May 06, 2013


Since we have such busy weekends around here and Sundays are --- to be honest --- not very restful, we've implemented Monday morning as a time of rest here in Faith House. We don't set alarms --- well, only Jim sets an alarm for work --- and we sleep as long as our bodies need it. The kids are on their own for breakfast which usually means a granola bar or cereal, and everyone is allowed to do only quiet activities once they wake up. For the kids, this means that most of them are on the iPad, playing on a game system, watching the telly, reading a book, or doing something on the pc til I tell everybody to get dressed and get ready for lunch around 11:45.

Laura loves to draw, whether it is with pen and paper, on the sidewalk with chalk, or digitally on the iPad. Today, she drew me this cute koala.

Another image from Laura.  Ain't it cute? #kidswithipads #koala #art

Isn't he adorable? I love this little virtual critter...almost as much as I love lazy, peaceful, beautiful, Monday mornings.

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