Monday, May 13, 2013


Hope your Monday's been very merry. I know mine has been. How could it not be with this little hobbit running around?

DSCF0063 Merry We Will Go Kids Day

But seriously, it is easy for us to sometimes focus on what we don't have instead of what we do have. Often times, we just need to ask the Father to give us the eyes of a child to see His blessings. Small children get excited about the little things.

A cupcake sticker.
Twirling round and around just because.
Sucking the nectar from honeysuckle.
Splashing in puddles.
Silly emoticons on an iPhone.
Watching a bird build its nest.
Going really high up on their swing.
A new stack of picture books from the library.
"Popsicles" made in the ice tray from apple juice.
Hot cocoa with marshmallows.
Popcorn and a movie on a rainy afternoon.
Tents made out of sheets and chairs.
Honking the car horn while driving under the train track.
Sandwiches cut in triangles.
Jumping through the sprinkler.
Reading in bed with a flashlight.
Pouring ingredients into the cooking pot.
Visiting a new park.
Watching old family videos.
Learning how to make clover chains.
Yummy smelling bubble bath.
Puppy licks.
Gummy vitamins shaped like bears.
Using the hand-held vac.
Getting a super hero band-aid.
Sleeping bag surfing down the stairs.
Feeding grass to a horse through the fence.
Throwing stale bread chunks to ducks.
Piggyback rides.
Licking the frosting off the beaters.
Finding animal shapes in the cloud.
Backyard picnics.
Wearing a costume to the store.
Digging for worms.
Eating blueberries right off the bush.
Discovering four leaf clovers.
Getting mail.
Riding escalators up and down and up again.

May we never get so grown up, so "mature", that we lose the ability to look at the world with eyes of wonder and find amazement at how beautiful God's world is, how full of unexpected blessings, how rich life really is, even amidst the demands of our adult lives.

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