Friday, May 10, 2013


Or should that be one step farther?

Thursday night, Betsie's CHEC Class of 2013 had their senior banquet. Nearly two weeks ago, she participated in the Florence-Richland Homeschool Group's graduation ceremony. Next Saturday, she'll be walking in the Christian Home Educators Connection graduation. So while last night it was one step closer to finally being completely graduated, it is also one step on the journey that is taking her farther away from us.

One a time of mixed-emotions this season is life is for us all. We're all excited about what God is doing in her beautiful life but because her life is so beautiful, we're going to miss her terribly. Betsie set as a goal for her last year at home that she'd be such a good daughter, such a loving sister, that when she left, she'd leave a big gaping hole and we'd all feel her absence intensely. She is definitely meeting that goal.

I love you, Betsie Girl, but that love means this mama heart sure is going to have some pretty hard missing-Betsie days in the years to come.

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