Thursday, May 23, 2013


While eating big, beautiful salads today, I was reminded of yet one more thing I'm grateful for here at We Will Go.  I am thankful for our ministry's community garden.   The city has given us permission to use two lots that used to basically be neighborhood dumps full of beer bottles, cans, wire, and other rubbish.  Now, thanks to the generous donations of ministry supporters and lots of hard workers -- missionaries, volunteers, and neighbors -- we are picking gorgeous squash, salad greens, peppers, strawberries, and more right from those former trash heaps.  And I and the other missionaries aren't the only ones who benefit from the produce, anybody that wants or needs food can freely pick from the garden.  The collards are especially popular in the 'hood.  I personally can't wait for the peppers and eggplants to be ready for  eating.

Veggie picking date with my hubby. #lifeatwewillgo #communitygarden #squash #urbanfarming #urbangardening #creativedate

Little ones prayed blessing on these plants on the day they were put in the ground and they are growing and producing in amazing and abundant ways.  Praise God!  This produce is given freely to all who want and need it. #lifeatwewillgo #wewillgoministries

Fresh veggies right from our neighborhood garden.  Just another blessing here at We Will Go. #communitygarden #lifeatwewillgo #urbanfarming #urbangardening #healthyliving #iloveveggies #foodiemama #squash #zucchini #eatlocal #localtarian #eatfresh #wewill

Thank you, God, for this life you've given me. Once again, You've shown me that when I follow you, I'll never cease to be amazed at the goodness that comes from it. Sometimes, it is even tangible, able-to-be-tasted goodness.

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