Saturday, June 01, 2013


Today has been a wonderful day but very busy and physically active so I will keep this concise.

*Went out to a rural area about 15 minutes north of the Donaldsons' and visited a carepoint that has been started, made three home visits, and learned more about the needs of the families, especially the orphans that live there. It was good to see several children and a pastor and his wife that we had met last year.

*Late lunch at Cafe 1896 near the new Spar. Pizza, hamburgers, salad, and cappuccinos were all good.

*Petrol fill-up at the Total station also meant an unexpected meet-up with Kriek Gerber, an AIM missionary.

*Supper was at Nando's, Jim and Anna's favorite place to eat in Swaziland. We enjoyed visiting with the Donaldsons, two university girls, and my Swazi friend Marcia Simelane and her two boys. We found out good information about housing options.

*Just finished a long Skype chat with the kids and Jim back home in Jackson.

*Tomorrow we will drive around just looking at a couple of different neighborhoods before we head out for worship at a rural Zion church that we saw today. Afterwards, we'll be having a braai (cookout) at the Donaldsons' for many children from the church and the area we visited today along with the pastor and his wife.

Please keep praying for us:

*Continued traveling mercies.
*That we will see, hear, and do all the Lord wants us to do.
*For our families back in the States. It is hard to be the ones "left behind".

Thanks and sala kahle (stay well)!

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