Thursday, November 01, 2012


What am I thankful for this Thursday?

A lovin' husband who spoils me rotten by taking me on great dates to fabulous restaurants. This time? Babalu in the Fondren area of Jackson.

Banality?  Yes, I do!

The guacamole made right at the table was generous portioned and great tasting.

Happy to be here!

The tacos were great.

A trio of tasty tacos.

The burger was great. Really, really, really great.

This foodie is really happy!

The chocolate truffles sitting on a bed of slightly sweet cream were great.

Amazing chocolate truffles.

And the service and hipster atmosphere was great.

Gotta love a place that plays. I LOVE LUCY the whole time.

Basically, everything was great, including my sweetheart.

So yeah, I'm very, very thankful this Thursday, very in love, and very full. I made myself exercise when I got home but this spoiled woman now needs to sleep so I'll be ready to face another day with smiles, not with an emotional meltdown like poor Lucy!

And by the way, who else wants to Babalu with me? 

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