Monday, November 12, 2012


I meant this post to be longer. I was going to give lots of details and include copious amounts of photos related to my recent trip to New Orleans. Actually, I was going to do this yesterday, but we had a power outage yesterday and it lasted for several hours, past bedtime even. And tonight? Tonight I'm feeling poorly and about to go to bed, but before I do, I'll share a trio of quick images.

Travis is impressed.

This is Travis. He's my adorable nine year old. I think I classified him as seven in my Instagram captions earlier. Don't tell him. When you're nine, you don't want to be called seven.

Anyway, he's adorable and quite the conversationalist. We had a lunch date today and there was never a lull in the dialogue.

Now that we're living downtown, we have the chance to eat out a lot more and there are many fabulous options within walking distance. I've told the kids that I'll take one of them to eat out each month. They had a drawing, as siblings in big families are apt to do, and Travis won the first lunch date. He chose, with a little maneuvering on my behalf, the amazing, Southern-cooking, truly scrumptious, all-you-can-eat buffet that is just down the street from our house.

All done! Travis says the bread pudding was his favorite.

As you can see from his smiles (mine, too), he was not disappointed with his choice. He especially loved the fact that I only had two bites of my dessert, bread pudding, and let him eat the rest along with his peach cobbler.

Travis and Elysa at Two Sisters

Two Sisters' Kitchen is "down home" food as good as it gets and not be made in a "down home" kitchen. To be honest, it is actually better than most real "down home" kitchen cooking. I don't know anyone else but Two Sisters who can cook a chicken fried steak that is so tender it can be cut with the barest pressure from a fork. And delicious? Oh yeah. It is worth the visit just for the chicken fried steak and gravy.

But you won't want to miss the fried okra and bread pudding and super light rolls and fried okra and tomato gravy and...well, just about everything else!

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