Tuesday, November 13, 2012


A good friend knows what will make your day, even when it is something seemingly little.

I love my Troubadour Sister and I love my Miffy.

My sweet friend Audra messaged me today that she wanted to drop by our house on her way through town. I'm all for spontaneous and all for seeing old friends, especially ones as fun and smart and authentic as Audra, so I of course told her to come on! I was expecting to enjoy our quick visit, I was not expecting my fellow MUW alum and Troubadour sister to bring me a gift.

But she did. She brought me Miffy because she remembered that when we spent time at the Amsterdam airport this past January, I fell in love with this little blue garbed bunny. And so, when she flew from Europe a bit ago, she picked up a Miffy key chain for me.

Don't ask me why I love this little bunny so much. I don't know. Maybe it is the way she wears blue. I adore blue. Maybe it is her classic cuteness. Maybe it is how she has so much personality even though she's just a simple little white rabbit.

I know not all the reasons. I just do.

And now I'm not just enjoying looking at her and her tiny fabulous self, I've become obsessed with taking photos of her all over the place. As though I needed another reason to take a million photos.

Look ----

Miffy all keyed up.(
Miffy all keyed up.

Miffy feels the heat.
All fired up with Miffy

Switched on Miffy
Switched on Miffy

Miffy goes bananas.
Miffy goes bananas

Spicy Miffy
Spicy Miffy

So though Miffy is very diminutive in appearance, she's actually a big gift. Because she represents someone caring enough about me to not only remember how much I liked Miffy, but took the time to buy her and bring her to me here in the 'hood.

Give thanks for Miffy

And having a friend like that is really pretty undiminutive.  In fact, it is actually a pretty big deal and something I am very thankful for.

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