Wednesday, November 28, 2012


I adore Christmas. I love the gift giving and the gift getting. I love the special church services and the traditional foods. I love the glitzy decorations and the sweet homemade ornaments. I love the books I read to the kids only at this time of year and the seasonal clothes and jewelry. I especially love that this is one time of year where the amazing message of Jesus is proclaimed everywhere you turn, even in some pretty incongruous places.

Around the MacHome, we hold off on the Christmas decorations, music, etc. til after Thanksgiving. We want to make sure we focus on that special time of the year before we hop head long into the next. But when Thanksgiving is past and the ban on carols is lifted, you'll hear me playing the old and new seasonal songs every chance I get.

This year, I've discovered a new favorite by Francesca Batisteli. I love that it includes so many of the elements that make up the merriment of Christmas for many of us, myself included, but still let's it be known that Christmas is really about Jesus and what He did for us when He came to this world.

So enjoy those chocolate balls and handcut paper snowflakes, sing those carols loudly and kiss your mister under the mistletoe with romantic fervor, but don't forget that the whole reason we can laugh and love and celebrate is because HE came to this world and brought true life and light.

Now let's get this party started!


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