Wednesday, November 21, 2012


On this Thanksgiving Eve, our family is taking the time to count just some of the many blessings God has bestowed on us in 2012.

Thanksgiving card from Grandmommy

Here are our top ten lists:

Anna, 19 --- trip to East Africa, the friends she made on that trip and the friendships that were strengthened, her apartment, a great school year, her family and their support of her since she moved to New Orleans, getting to go white water rafting on the Nile and bungee jumping in Uganda as well as zip-lining in Swaziland, her best friends and how they are growing in God and bringing her along on their journeys, Delta Sky Miles so she could fly to Chicago on her birthday, getting to work back stage at a Switchfoot show, and the family trip to Paris and Africa.

Patrick, 13 --- Legos, his room, grandparents, freedom, his relationship with God, family, trips to different places, technology, macaroni and cheese, the month of December

Merry, 7 --- her dad, God, horses, Anna, Betsie, Faith House [where we live], her bed, ballet, Ashley here at We Will Go, and food.

Betsie, 17 ---her best friend Candace, lessons in faith, the worship team, her youth pastor, road-trips with the family, her tickets to the upcoming Passion conference, her editor a.k.a. Grandmommy, her MUW scholarship, her Daddy's grace, her balcony on her "hood house".

Travis, 9 --- God, Mom and Dad, siblings, grandparents, relatives, video games, friends, food, water, the Bible.

Laura, 11 --- books and libraries, family, friends, her own room, animals (especially cats), Paris, board games, GA's, God, crayons.

David, 15 --- God's love for him, family, friends, his guitar, the Amazon, buffalo wings, pizza, Batman, Star Wars,  and Lord of the Rings

Jim ---his wife (that's me!), his children, the life God has given him to live, his dad, Jesus saving him, coffee, rooibos tea, good books, time to spend with family, his pastor who is a spiritual father to him

Elysa (that's me!) --- my hunky hubby, all seven of my beautiful children plus a few extra kids who seem like part of my brood, family and friends who support our call to missions, our sponsored girls in Swaziland, our new life here at We Will Go Ministries, dark chocolate, the many missionaries out there serving around the world, Adventures in Missions and how God has used it to impact the lives of my older kids, popcorn, and God's amazing grace.

He truly loves us and blesses us more than we could ever deserve even if we lived a thousand times over.

Thank You, thank You, thank You, Lord, and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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