Sunday, November 18, 2012


Stating on here that a busy schedule has hindered daily posts or the typical more in-depth posts is becoming a refrain I use all too often here at Graceland, but that just seems to be the season I'm in. I don't mean to complain. I love my life here at We Will Go. It is just a reality that living here and ministering is very intense and when you add to that other factors, such as spending time in New Orleans with our first chick to fly the nest and preparations for moving to Swaziland, life is just a bit more crazy than it already was.

Blessed to be at the church that is the headquarters for ZEMA, the missions organization we are applying with to serve thru in Swaziland.
Jim and I at Christ Community Church where the ZEMA headquarters are located
 and where ZEMA was founded.

Tonight I am very, very tired and my warm, cozy bed is beckoning, but I wanted to give a quick update. Jim and I flew out of Jackson about 6:30 Friday morning. We got to Chicago at lunch. Did a bit of exploring and then attended the Zion Evangelical Ministries of Africa banquet that night. This is the organization we are applying with to serve in Swaziland.

Saturday morning was more touristy exploring then we met with the ZEMA director and his wife before flying home. We arrived here really late last night, I actually unpacked my suitcase, and I fell asleep past 1:00 this morning.

Then it was up for church at Restoration back in Florence, afternoon worship and service here at We Will Go, the team meeting til nearly nine, and then getting the kiddos to bed.

As I said, I'm really tired but very thankful that tomorrow morning is our family's designated "day of rest". This is one missionary mama that is definitely giving thanks that I'll be able to sleep in and do some reading. I need a recovery from all the good happenings.

Hope you're life is also full of good things and that some of that good includes rest.

God surely knew what He was doing when He created sleep and sabbaths.

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