Sunday, October 21, 2012


Would you pray for us and our loved ones today? Just a lot going on that needs prayer coverage.


First thing going on this morning is that Betsie and David are helping lead worship this morning as some of our regular worship team at Restoration Church is out of town. Betsie is still pretty shook up from last night.

Oh? Didn't mention that yet? A deer slammed into Jim's truck while Betsie was driving last night. Beat up the truck pretty bad but Betsie is physically fine. Just still not recovered emotionally. Pray for her to have God's peace and joy and not to be fearful when driving. Safe, but not fearful.

Our ministry founder, Amy Lancaster, and her daughter Sarah are on their way home from Mozambique right now. Please pray for safety.

Another prayer request where safety is concerned? Pray for Anna. She returns to her college life in New Orleans this evening.

Pray for our We Will Go service this afternoon. Pray that God will move mighty, changing the hearts of "church" people and "street" people.

Also, pray for our family's hearts and spirits. Some people are really feeling stressed out right now or full of turmoil. Pray that the Spirit of God will take over.

Patrick is applying to go to Swaziland this coming summer with AIM.  Would you pray for him and his upcoming interview?

And lastly, please keep praying for Baby Joseph in Swaziland that I posted about last night.

Thanks so much! I don't understand why God uses prayer, but He tells us to do it and over and over again, I've seen Him use it to change lives, circumstances, and hearts.

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