Wednesday, October 24, 2012


What's making YOU smile this morning?

I'm smiling over...

PA240306 More editing Elysa and chocolate wrap

*Russian chocolate that my missionary friend Jamie brought me
*Bouncy Reliant K music
*Links shared on my facebook wall by women I love
*A fellow We Will Go missionary getting up unexpectedly at 5:20 this morning (without grumbling and complaining) to take me and my friend to the airport because my van started having issues
*God's amazing grace
*Anticipating sharing about Africa and missions with Laura's Girls in Action class tonight at First Baptist Jackson
*How good Jim looks in his new blue suit
*Knowing that people are praying for us
*The sunlight through my back door's window
*Catching Betsie reading her Bible on the front porch

PA240296 Betsie reading Bible MOST EDITED

What I'm NOT smiling over?

How bad seven year old Merry's hands smell! UGH! That "dirt" she was playing in smells a lot like cat poo!

Oh well....back to the smiles.  AFTER she gets those hands washed!

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