Friday, October 19, 2012


When we lived in the country, we had plenty of critters. The kids could get a furry fix (or feathered one) whenever they needed it. One of the things we couldn't bring with us to the city was our animals. So when the younger Macs get the chance to play with a cat or snuggle with a dog, it is a real treat.

Puppy love 'hood style.


Today's object of Laura's affection was Baby, the Lancasters' poodle. They live over on Base 2, just 3 blocks from our house and a short walk through the 'hood.

Big hair reigns

Giving up our pets to follow the call of God for our lives was hard on the kids, but Jesus is worth it, and as a mama, I'm thankful for the times that they get some animal time. For as you can see, some time spent cuddling and scratching and petting and holding brought some smiles to my beautiful girl's face today. And that brought smiles to mine.

Poodle delight

I can't help but think that it makes the Father smile, too.

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