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For years, I've heard about the burgers at CS's in Jackson. In fact, I've driven past it numerous times over the last eighteen or so years and almost every time, I've thought to myself, "one day I need to go eat there". Today that thought became a reality.

PicMonkey Collage CS' Restaurant Rhonda and Elysa

My best friend Rhonda and I wanted to eat out somewhere, and since CS's is literally less than half a mile from our new home in the heart of Jackson, we decided to take a walk this gorgeous autumn afternoon with their famous hamburgers as our goal.

We were not disappointed. All the online reviews and blog posts I'd ever read about CS's burgers always gave them great reviews. I'm in agreement. These burgers definitely deserve their line-up in the various lists of best burgers in the metro-area.

I had the famous Inez burger, piled high with nacho cheese, chili, and jalepenos. I paid a bit extra to have grilled onions added. Rhonda had a similar burger with mushrooms, cheese, grilled onions, and she paid for jalepenos. Maybe her's was the Suzy?

Whatever it was called, she enjoyed her's as much as I enjoyed mine, which I actually ended up eating with a fork.

We skipped the fries and ordered the onion rings as our side instead. A test for me of really excellent onion rings is if they are good enough to eat without ketchup. These fit the bill.

And then, I made a rare decision, I ordered dessert. Our efficient and friendly waitress raved about the peanut butter pie. Maybe it was the nice walk, or just the great company, but either way, I decided to go for it as did Rhonda so we took the server's recommendation and split a piece of pie.

Let me tell you, that was one of the best decisions I've made in a long, long time.

Now believe me when I tell you that I would never have thought that peanut butter pie could be on my top ten list of best sweet things ever tasted, but it is! The waitress said it was a simple combination of peanut butter, powdered sugar, whip cream, and cream cheese in a crust. Well, the ingredients might be simple and few but the flavor is anything but simple...unless it is simply delicious! If I'd been at home, I would have licked that saucer clean!

So the food was amazing, the waitress was great, and the atmosphere was funky and unique, but that's not all! The price was fantastic.

For two huge burgers, extra toppings, generous servings of onion rings, a piece of pie, and sweet tea for me, we were only charged $18.75. And at that very reasonable price, we could easily leave a big tip.

PA090016a peanut butter pie

Next time you're hankering a beautiful burger, some divine onion rings, or a truly luscious dessert, drive over to the edge of the hood just a few blocks north of the capitol building and get ready for a culinary event at CS's.
For directions and other information, visit this website:   http://www.yelp.com/biz/css-jackson

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