Saturday, October 13, 2012


A couple of days ago, I wrote a teaser blog post and told you I'd give you the details later. Well, as so often happens in life, life happened. And all that living meant I didn't get to write the post I'd planned on. But here I am now with all the answers.

So what do fried pimento cheese croquettes, new pajamas, duck confit, a Texas Instruments calculator, and pumpkin flavored frozen yogurt all have in common?

A really fun, day-long date spent with my hunky hubby.

Jim's worked really hard since Hurricane Isaac hit and we moved to We Will Go. He's rarely had a break and we had a lot of things he needed and wanted to do since our house sold so this past Wednesday he asked me out for the day and we went out on the town.

PA090021 Merry and Travis

But first, he let me sleep in and he cooked up a big breakfast for the family complete with eggs, bacon, and waffles.

Then, it was on to the AT&T store where he bought us upgraded phones, our first smart phones, in fact. We are now using one of our old cell phones for the house phone, one is a spare phone in case one of our kids breaks or loses that one, and we're having fun figuring out how to use our new Iphones.

PA100023 Jim and Elysa

Yep, his and her phones. Pink for this girlie girl and army green for my former green beret hottie.

Jim picked out places for us to eat that day so lunch found us at TABLE 100. I now know why it is considered one of the best places to eat in the Jackson metro area. From the triple filtered water to the amazing service, with plenty of good food in between, it was quite the dining experience. Jim had their burger and it was truly incredible. I had a duck confit salad because I wanted something a little on the light side after my CS's burger on Tuesday and knowing we'd be eating out that night. It was my first such salad and was really yummy.

PA100033 Jim and Elysa Table 100

Interspersed between meals, we had shopping to do including getting David a calculator for algebra, new pjs for me that actually fit, and a belated birthday gift for Betsie. After the housefire, we used insurance money to get Anna a laptop that she could use in college. We have now done the same thing with Betsie using some of our house sale money. Now our girl will be set when she starts her college adventure next year.

PA100038 Best Buy store pc computer

After shopping, we relaxed for a while at Lemuria Books before heading to Highland Village for supper at Juleps. If you love fried chicken, you just have to try their fried chicken. I don't ever order fried chicken when I eat out, unless it is Chick-fil-A, but I always order it at Juleps. Not only is it incredibly crispy on the outside, but it is accented with a beautiful honey sauce that just makes it a dish of perfection! We also had some scrummy fried pimento cheese croquettes as an appetizer. These were a first but hopefully not a last. The crunchy coating married beautifully with the melted cheese.

PA100042 Jim and Elysa fried chicken Juleps

After supper, we walked around Highland Village a bit just doing some window shopping and walking off our meal before heading back to Faith House.

PA100046 Jim Iphone computer

At home, Jim put his super ninja tech skills to good use and went to work on our Iphones and Betsie's laptop.

PA100048 Betsie and new laptop computer

Needless to say, but I'll go ahead and say it anyway, she was one happy girl and I was one well-loved and content wife. I hope the day was good for Jim, too, because he really did a great job of spoiling me and bringing smiles to the kids, too.

I am over and abundantly blessed. Absolutely. All the way.

Thank you, God!

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