Wednesday, October 17, 2012


No, I need to amend that. I know I'm in love.

I have long loved burgers. I remember thinking it was so cool to be able to put my own toppings on them at Burger Chef back in the 1970's. I remember putting french fries and pork-n-beans on my burgers for the first time while living in our beach cottage when I was a pre-teen. And I still remember an amazing truck stop burger featuring guacamole and corn chips in Junction, Texas. I could go on and on retelling memorable burger moments because, as I said, I have long loved burgers.

Burger book
So today, when I saw this Rachael Ray cookbook sitting on the shelf behind the circulation desk at the Eudora Welty Library, I knew I had to have it. It was love at first sight. I could go all cliche'ish and say it was love at first bite, but it wasn't. I didn't have to even taste the photographed burger to know that this was one book I had to have and hold as my own.

Quickly asking the librarian if I could check it out, I made that baby mine, well, at least til I can no longer renew it and have to turn it back in. And at that point, I really will make that baby mine to have and to hold and to cook out of. This beauty will be at the top of my Christmas wish list, and knowing how much my hubby and kids love these stacked lovelies, I don't think I have to worry that it won't be waiting for me under the Christmas tree.

I mean really, what's not to love about great meat, rich cheese, smooth condiments, and a rich variety of topping options all in a bun, or bagle, or even a donut, so you can wrap your hands around it and completely revel in the symphony of flavors and textures.

Our city has many burgers that are locally famous. Jim and I have set a goal to try all of the top 10 rated ones before we move to Swaziland. I've already had the scrumptious pleasure of polishing off about 4 or 5 on the list.

But I'm not waiting to eat out to appreciate a voluptuous indulgence, I'll be making some Friday night and for many nights in the kitchen to come.

After all, I've got a lifetime to love.


Unknown said...

Did you introduce your family to 'Swaziburger' in Mbabane when you visited? I could go for one of those right now!

Am enjoying your blog- ministry IS fun- is not 'drudgery' by far! Can still leave you needing some serious pillow time:-)

Salakhali! 'Uncle' Lou

Elysa said...

Gosh...I can't remember Swaziburger, Lou. Where was it? Was it there when I lived there.

And thanks for the words of encouragement. Serving God full force is a better life than I could have ever planned or imagined for myself.