Friday, August 10, 2012


Who knew that grown women could get so excited about deodorant?

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Since getting involved with the inner-city ministry of We Will Go, I'm learning to get excited about new things, including deodorant.

And why am I excited about it?

Not because it is necessary for someones survival, but what it represents.

First, the donation of it is going to bless a homeless person or someone who is working hard but just can't make ends meet. It is a nicety that helps them be more acceptable in public and makes them feel better about themselves. It also is a way for us to show love to them. When they come to the Hands-and-Feet ministry looking for toiletries or a sleeping bag or a pair of shoes, getting those items not only tells them that someone cares enough to donate them, it also gives the volunteers a chance to talk to them, pray for them, and build relationships that will hopefully lead to further ministry in the future.

Second, I'm excited because this donation came from a fellow alum from my college, Mississippi University for Women. She read about the need through facebook and took the time to buy a bagful of toiletries. It fills my heart with joy to be able to connect people to those in need in this way. It is such an encouragement to see people wanting to get involved with showing the love of Jesus to "the least of these" in tangible ways.

And third, I'm excited because this was a direct answer to prayer. I didn't realize it at time my friend gave me the toiletries, but when I gave them to the ministry director and founder at We Will Go, they got all excited themselves because they said they'd specifically prayed this week that God would provide toiletries for the ministry.

I love how God works. And I'm sure that God gets excited about deodorant, too, because He knows that in this case, deodorant means love.

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