Tuesday, August 07, 2012


Over the last nearly nineteen years, Jim and I have shared a lot of "firsts" with Anna.

P5220674 Anna on horse resized and edited

Whether it was her first horse ride or her first birthday party, her daddy and have been blessed to be a part of her life.

P5220677 Elysa and Anna resized and edited

Now we are experiencing a host of new first experiences as she begins her college years.

P8060023 Anna's new apartment resized

Yesterday, her daddy and I drove her down to New Orleans and began moving her into her very first apartment.

P8060028 Anna's new apt. couch resized

Then today, we attended freshman/parent orientation at her college, Our Lady of Holy Cross. She met classmates, registered for classes, and got her student parking tag. Her scholarship has been applied and she's now officially enrolled as a new student studying Applied Behavioral Sciences.

P8060040 Anna and Jim Holy Cross resized

Once again, we've been blessed to be with her during another first. But this blessing doesn't come with a price. Now our first chick is flying the nest and that means we're now experiencing a first. We now, for the first time, have an adult child who is building a life apart from us.

We are so very proud and happy for her. She's going to a great college, living in a nice apartment complex, meeting so many new people, and striving to live for Jesus over these next four years. She's going to have so many incredible experiences.

But most of them will not include us.

That's hard.

But I wouldn't have it any other way. We have done all that we could to prepare her for this day and she's ready.

She's ready for a whole lifetime of firsts and I just know that God has some absolutely beautiful ones planned.


Tamara said...

It is definitely not easy but it gets better. Sarah is in her 3rd year now living away from us. I'm glad my parents live where she is in school - at least they could get to her if we needed them to. God is good and our girls are well prepared - they will do just fine! Praying for you all as Anna flies on her own now. Enjoy this new relationship!

Elysa said...

Thanks, Tamara. Yeah, Jim was saying just this week that she's now at a stage where we can really enjoy who she has become and relate to her as an adult, and she's moving away. Sigh....

But yes, she is ready for this, even if we're not. ;)

I love that your girl is in my girls' lives. She's a lot of fun and God just keeps crossing their paths in amazing ways.