Friday, August 03, 2012


My voice is almost gone, we're all worn out, and the trash is copious, but it is all totally worth it and my heart is filled with happy lovin'.

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Today I got to spend time with two very special women, one of my very best friends and my very favorite author, who is also a dear friend. Lisa Samson is down painting kitchen murals for my friend Rhonda. We got some good talking time this morning and then they came by my house late this afternoon while I was getting ready for our party.

And then after they left, others started arriving as friends piled in our house to commemorate our moving from our farm into inner-city Jackson. According to those I asked to do head counts, we had around 60 folks here. There was lots of laughter, and noise, and food, and noise, and sharing memories, and noise, and wrestling, and noise, and lots and lots of love.

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And to think that I was actually worried that hardly anyone would be able to come.

What a blessed woman I am indeed. What a blessed family we are. God truly has gifted us with so many amazing friends. I'll be going to sleep tonight with a smile in my heart, laughter ringing in my ears, and plans for the new house's blessing party already circling around in my head.

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