Sunday, August 12, 2012


There's something about the way she moves....and in this case, it is the way she moves to college in New Orleans.

P8100096 resized Anna

Yesterday, we finished moving Anna into her apartment. One of her best friends, Chandler is staying with her about a week. Chandler is much more of a girlie girl than Anna and has promised to teach her a few recipes and help get her apartment unpacked and looking cute. Anna is thankful to have a friend around for these days leading up to class starting next week and I am, too. It would have been a whole lot harder for this mama to have left her chick behind if I'd known I was leaving her alone. Knowing that Chandler is there for her during this time of adjustment to her own nest is pure and blessed salve for this mama's heart.

P8110132 Anna nad Chandler resized

I'm thanking God for the plans He has for Anna and the many ways He is blessing us all during this time.

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