Friday, August 24, 2012


Look at this big, empty, brown room. It is my new bedroom at We Will Go. And there are a whole bunch of others like it that are big, brown, and empty. They all need to be filled.

P8220298 cropped and edited

Filled up with our family, filled up with laughter, filled up with love, and yes, filled up with our stuff.

Our house has sold, the closing is the first week of September, and so now it is time to get our farm house packed up and move all our belongings to We Will Go.

We'll be packing, transporting, and unpacking basically all day long, all week long starting on this Monday. So if you've just been dying to help (yeah, you know you have) then now is the time.

Leave me a comment, send me a fb message, or give me a call. We will be more than glad to put you to good use! I promise.

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