Tuesday, August 28, 2012


If you don't hear much from me over the next several days, there are a few possible reasons.

P7220242 We Will Go Faith House edited

1. We are moving to We Will Go Ministries this week so are up to our proverbial necks (or in my case, my big hair) in boxes, duct tape, and dust bunnies.

2. We are in the path of Tropical Storm Isaac and we're forecast to get lots and lots of heavy rains, high winds, and possible tornadoes by Wednesday. That means we're very likely to lose our electricity. No power means no computer which means no blogging.

3. Because we are moving, we will be cutting off our phone and electricity in a few days even if we don't lose it due to Isaac. I have no idea when we'll have internet in our new home. Again, no power and no internet means no blogging.

So though you might not be hearing much from me (unless I get my act together and post some in advance or work something else out), I hope you'll remember to keep us in your prayers.

Thanks and with love,

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