Thursday, August 30, 2012


I wanted to update our friends on what is going on here in our corner of storm tossed Mississippi.

As my regular readers will know, our oldest daughter Anna evacuated from New Orleans on Sunday and my sister-in-law and her kids evacuated from the Mississippi Gulf Coast on Monday.

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They spent the last few days with us helping us pack, sharing their puppy with us, and playing games. They returned earlier today since the storm has started to lessen in South Mississippi and they are missing my brother. We woke up to no power this morning due to heavy winds but thanks to the efficiency of Southern Pine Electric, by late morning, the power was back on. Now, it is just windy with a few sprinkles.

That's the good news.

The news that needs your attention and prayers is that there is a big dam in South Mississippi that is in danger of failing. A hundred in Mississippi and tens of thousands of people in Louisiana are being evacuated as a result. Pray for the people's safety but also pray for those working the situation.

My husband Jim is one of those people. As the dam safety engineer for the State of Mississippi, he is a crucial part of the effort going on right now to prevent a dangerous failure from occurring.

Please pray for all the engineers and others working this situation. Pray for those involved in decision making, such as Jim, to have wisdom, knowledge, and provision.

The last prayer request, and also a practical request, involves our move to We Will Go Ministries. We are moving to our new house tomorrow and Saturday. Jim had planned on being off from work so he could help us move. Hurricane Isaac has changed those plans. He will be working the dam at Percy Quin State Park for at least two or three days. We must move now. The new owners of our home take possession the middle of next week. We need help. The kids and I can do most of the packing and moving but we cannot move the heavy furniture ourselves nor can we pull the trailer to We Will Go.

The kids and I have already been praying and we are trusting God to provide helpers --- especially strong, muscular, male helpers. Please pray for us to keep trusting God, to be at peace despite what's going on with Jim, and that we will receive the help we need. I think it is actually kind of exciting to see how God is over and over again allowing us to go through crazy situations but He keeps proving faithful in all of them. My kids are growing up seeing that when God calls, nothing is too big for Him. I want them to never, ever say "no" to God because of fears or concern over lack of provision.

I want them to always say "yes" to God and then watch with anticipation as He brings it to pass.

For more details about the dam situation, go to this link:

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