Sunday, August 19, 2012


After over a week of living on her own, ordering and perusing her text books, learning to cook pancakes without oil, making numerous trips to the library, visiting a local church, and getting her apartment all cuted up, it is now time for the next step.

P8110155 resize Holy Cross College

Tomorrow, Anna starts her college classes. She has a great schedule. Holy Cross College only allows their freshmen to take 12 hours their first semester so she's taking sociology, psychology, history of rock music, and public speaking --- all classes that really interest her and none of which meet on Fridays or at 8:00.

Her dad and I have both said we wish we could be little birds sitting on the window sills watching her these first days. In some ways we know it will be a challenge to adjust to the college classroom, but for the most part, we think she's going to do great. We'd just really enjoy seeing her set loose on a college campus as she interacts in class and doesn't hesitate to let people know when she sees the world differently. I can venture to guess that Anna, with her personality and world experiences, is going to be quite the interesting student for her professors. After all, she's already been forming arguments against some of the information presented in her text books!

Oh my. These professors and fellow classmates have no idea what awaits them!

Love, love, love my Anna girl.

I really am proud of her. She's smart and well spoken and passionate. She's a strong young woman with a mind of her own and a God-given heart for the oppressed and hurting.

God's going to use her in big ways, and tomorrow, is just one more step forward on this journey.

If you would, pray for Anna. Pray that she'll meet good friends, find the right church, get a good job, and adjust easily to the classroom. Most of all, pray that she'll continue to take the things God has taught her this summer and in all the years before and apply them to everything He brings her way in this amazing new life.

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