Monday, October 24, 2011


My daughter Betsie came across a book the other day at our favorite vintage clothing store, THE ORANGE PEEL, that she knew would totally appeal to me. And she was right.

LESSONS OF A LIPSTICK QUEEN delighted me if for no other reason than I love lipstick. That said, after glancing thru the summary and a quick skim itself, the book actually sounds interesting. It is one young woman's story of how she turned her dreams into reality. In telling her tale, Poppy King encourages other women not to be afraid of taking what they are passionate about and making things happen for real. I was broke that day after taking my million blessing children to the fair, so I'll have to try to get this one from the library, but it definitely goes on my "wanna read" list.

What I did read was a book that didn't cost me a dime. LITTLE PRINCES by Conor Grennan is how one man made the decision to do what he had to do to reunite trafficked children with their families in Nepal. This was a beautiful story, very well written, with both heartbreaking accounts and down-right laughable moments. I love reading stories about real life people who were willing to work hard, sacrifice, and even be seen as a bit crazy in order to make a difference in the world for those who need their help.

And that brings me to what book I'm almost done with right now. It is another story of how one person, in this case, a single young woman fresh out of high school, changed the world for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of kids in Uganda. KISSES FROM KATIE fleshes out the story that many of us have come to know through her blog. Only in her very early 20's, she is already the adoptive mother of 14 daughters and has started a sponsorship ministry that means hundreds of kids can now go to school and hundreds, maybe even over a thousand people, are now eating on a regular basis. These are people, including children, who previously were literally starving to death in many of the cases. But KISSES FROM KATIE doesn't just tell her story, it challenges each of us to not be afraid of radically loving and serving our Lord and Savior as we radically love and serve the least and the lost, wherever that may be and whoever they may be.

All three of these are books that spur me on to following the dreams God has placed in my heart, no matter the cost. Following Jesus is worth it. He's worth it all.


To read more about Conor Grennan and his work in Asia, go here:

And to read more about Katie, her amazing family, and the life she is living as she follows Jesus in Uganda, go here:

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