Sunday, October 23, 2011


Rachel Lovejoy spent time this past summer in Thailand serving at the same ministry base that my daughter Anna served at, SHE Ministry. I recently read this blog post she wrote in response to many of the things people say to her about her past and future missionary experiences:

Do Something.

My mind is so full today. As some of you know I went to this missions conference in beautiful Minnesota a few weeks ago and as I’ve been processing everything and reading some of the books I got (I got like 240943) I’ve been thinking about some things people have said to me about me going to Africa and Thailand and I want to clear some things up.

I’ve heard a lot of, “I wish I could do something like that” and “you’re so brave and strong” and “I wish I had that calling” and “I wish I knew what God wanted me to do.” In my person opinion all of these questions kind of coincide so I’m just going to go on this rant and hopefully give my opinion on all of them.

Here’s the thing. If you wish you could do something like that, then DO it. Do something. At the conference I was at a man named Michael Oh gave his opinion on the idea of a “calling” and his mentality was basically go until God shuts a door and tells you not to. Don’t sit around praying about what to do, God can and will close doors if He has something else for you. So go somewhere, tell someone, SEND someone. Do SOMETHING.

People keep saying, “you are so brave and strong!” NO I’m not. I’m the opposite of those things. I am weak. I am small. I am SO scared. About everything. All the time. It is my God that is strong. It is my God that is brave and bigger than life. It is my God that lives and dwells inside of me that allows me to face these things He has given me. Without Him I wouldn’t even be able to face the day sometimes, let alone face the nations.

I guess that leaves only one. No one has to wish they knew what God wanted them to do. He wants to you do something. He wants you to love people. He wants you to love the NATIONS. John Piper said, “to belong to Jesus is to embrace the nations with him” that means we need to be going or we need to be sending. Supporting. Reaching out to people in the community. Actively pursuing the people around you, just as the Lord has actively pursued you. Not selfishly holding in the goodness of the Gospel because you are scared and unsure and comfortable where you are. What is there to be scared of? God dwells in us. He lives in us. His strength pours out of us and that leaves no room for fear. So stop being scared of being uncomfortable. Stop being unsure of God’s calling for you. Just stop, and do something.

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