Saturday, October 22, 2011


Though I'm posting this only a bit after nine in the morning here in Mississippi, my family has already been up and about for a few hours today. Part of this time has been spent preparing and eating breakfast, but part of it has also been spent in Bible time and prayer. I thought I'd ask y'all to join with us as we pray about specific needs. There is something beautiful and powerful that happens when people join together in talking to the Father.

The first prayer request is for my two oldest daughters, Betsie and Anna. Right now as I type, they are taking their ACT tests. They have have been preparing for over a year for these tests --- taking practice tests online, attending an ACT prep workshop, working thru ACT guides, as well as just applying themselves diligently to their regular school work. Pray that they will have peace and calmness of nerves. Pray that they will be able to recall the things they have studied. Pray that they will use their test-taking time wisely. Pray that God will help them figure out and understand accurately what is being asked of them. As future missionaries, we will be living on an income that is cut in half. Our girls will not be able to depend on us for college funding, but they can depend on their Heavenly Parent. Good scores on the ACT equal good scholarships. And I know personally from my own past college journey, that scholarships are often the gift of provision that God sends to His children. Regardless of how they do, I trust that if He wants them in college, He'll provide a way. He is faithful.

The second prayer request is for Jim, our oldest son David, and another Scout. They are hiking 20 miles today. Yes, TWENTY. This is part of the process they must complete to become Eagle Scouts. Pray for safety, strength, and perseverance. Pray that the lessons the boys will learn today about not giving up will follow them through out their days. Often, God calls us to hard tasks, tasks that seem overwhelming or too long. But He is faithful to give us the strength to carry on when we follow and depend on Him.

Last night I asked for prayer for Bongiwe, a teenaged girl in Swaziland suffering from an extreme infection and issue in her mouth. Today I ask you to pray for a little girl in Swaziland named Busi. She is recovering from surgery on both her hands. Please pray for total healing.

And lastly, please pray for Dennis and Zwakele Brock in Swaziland. I've mentioned them many times here at Graceland. They have transferred to a new ministry role in a new city in Swaziland. Please pray for them and their daughter Thandeka as they adjust to their new life at a very special children's home in Mbabane, the capital city where I used to live. The Sandra Lee Centre's mission is "to rescue orphaned and abandoned children from a life of almost certain malnutrition, abuse/exploitation and illiteracy, by creating a safe, healthy environment for them to live in that is built on the grace and love of Jesus Christ." With Dennis and Zwakele's previous experience working with the Children's HopeChest/Adventures in Missions carepoint ministries and their love and passion for the Lord and His precious children, they are going to be used by our Lord in fabulous ways!

Thank you for your prayers. They are highly treasured by me. Better than silver and gold.

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