Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Before I begin recounting the next leg of our Swaziland journey, let me share a couple of things with you:

1. The ministry we support in Swaziland, Children's HopeChest, is in the running to win a grant. If they win, this money will help them as they minister to orphans such as Banele, Nocolo, and the other children we love and visit at the Bheveni Carepoint in Swaziland. It is a quick and painless procedure to help them win. Just visit this website:

2. The endoscopy went fine yesterday. It seems that the discomfort is acid reflux. Glad to know I'm not dealing with anything more serious. Now it'll be a matter of finding healthy and, preferably, all natural methods of managing or even curing this. Plus prayer! I do believe that God still heals today, sometimes through medicine, sometimes through our body's natural processes, sometimes through things He has provided in this world such as herbs, and sometimes supernaturally. Either way, I'm praying that He'll take my body to a healthy place. And I'm also thanking you all who prayed for me and sent sweet messages of encouragement and support.

Now on to the second entry in my Swaziland 2010 trip journal.


September 19, 2010
10:30 p.m.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

We arrived safely at Johannesburg a few minutes before 5:00 p.m. South African time.

A HUGE PRAISE is that none of us had any ear pain or discomfort. In fact, I didn't even notice that we were about to land! It wasn't until our wheels touched ground that I knew were were in Jo'burg. I don't think I have EVER flown and not at least had popping of the ears. This is SO God as I have been experiencing a lot of congestion and sinus allergy issues this week. I had been looking out the window at the scenery, but when we got about 30 or so minutes away from Jo'burg, I switched seats with Kelly so she'd have a window view. I was sitting smack dab in the middle of the middle section between an American going on safari and a young, white, South African woman who is a photographer on cruise ships. So engrossed was I in the conversation that I really had no idea we were about to land. That is how great my ears did!

Another BIG PRAISE!!!

ALL of our 28 checked pieces of luggage safely arrived. [Our airline] waived fees for us so we all brought four suitcases a piece filled with ministry supplies and gifts.

Marius Deetlefs, an Adventures in Missions staffer and an Afrikaaner, met us at the airport.

After a meal at The Spur (I had fish and chips), we left for the hotel. We are staying at The Don Hotel. It isn't fancy but it is clean and nice and it definitely doesn't feel like an American chain motel.

Once we were all settled, our team met in the suite that Jim and I are sharing with Danielle and Mike. There are two bedrooms/baths connected by a kitchen/dining room/living room.

We took care of some business then had prayer time together with each of us praying.

After that, I went down to the lobby and used a pay-in-advance internet machine to post and message on Facebook, letting everyone know that we had arrived safely.

Then it was back up to the room to get the clothes hung up for tomorrow and shower.

Now I'm in the very comfy, not-an-airplane-seat bed, listening to Jim softly snore. Obviously, he is getting good, deep sleep.

Tomorrow morning we are meeting downstairs at 7:30, loading up, leaving at 8:00, and driving to Whitbank for breakfast before continuing on to Swaziland.

Just writing that makes me smile!

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