Friday, October 21, 2011


This is Bongiwe. She is a teenager who lives in Swaziland and needs your prayers.

Last month, when the Bheveni Team visited the carepoint, they noticed that Bongiwe's face, mouth, and lips were swollen. And she, of course, reported to be in a lot of discomfort.

She was given antibiotics and then plans were made to take her to see a doctor. One of the Adventures in Missions staffers took Bongiwe to see the doctor this week and they pulled two teeth that were rotten and cut out a chunk of the infected gum tissue to run a biopsy on as the doctor wanted to rule out cancer.

Bongiwe stayed for a while with the missionary family while she recovered.

Please pray for her full recovery. Pray that the biopsy will come back showing no cancer. There is no cancer treatment available in Swaziland. If you are poor and live in Swaziland, cancer treatment is not even an option.

I am so thankful to God for missionaries such as the McAdams, organizations such as Children's HopeChest, and Swazi Christians such as the D-Team staffers and the carepoint ladies who provide hope and help for children such as Bongiwe. Without the ministry provided through the Bheveni Carepoint, Bongiwe would not have had anyone who would have ensured she would receive the medical care she needed.

When a family is struggling to just buy food and pay for school fees, quality medical care is often something that is not even an affordable provision for them.

Bongiwe's care is being paid for by generous donors who love children living in Swaziland even though they may never, ever meet those children.

If you'd like to be one of those who financially steps into the gap and provides food, clothing, school fees, and medical care for "the least of these", maybe a Children's HopeChest sponsorship is exactly what you're looking for...and you may be the hope that a child and their family have been praying for.

To find out more about Children's HopeChest and the Bheveni Carepoint sponsor program or to make a one time donation, visit Danielle Brower's blog:

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